El Camino || Ruslan Cojocaru || Tucano Coffee Talks

People say, that there are only 2 reasons why we decide to go hiking on one of the most important pilgrimage routes on the Earth – Camino de Santiago: either it is based on real christian motivation, or it is about a challenge in search of the inner self.

Recently, we held a Tucano Coffee Talk session over a cup of coffee with Ruslan Cojocaru, the Tucano Coffee founder, in one of our coffee shops from Chișinău. We discovered his dozens of thoughts, which appeared during the 320 km of hiking in 12 days on Camino Primitivo, heading towards the Spanish town Santiago de Compostela.

You can watch below a short version of Ruslan’s inspirational speech upon „El Camino”. Enjoy!


El Camino || Ruslan Cojocaru || Tucano Coffee Talks

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