Discovering new coffee grounds – recycled ones

Dear Tucano Friends,

This is your daily coffee speaking, and I’ve got exciting news for you! I have drastically changed my daily routine this September – thanks to Tucano Coffee’s project with Eco Bean. So now let me tell you a bit about my day. 

As you know, I start my morning with a quick fitness session in the espresso machine. But then, as part of my soul leaves my body and ends up in your cups, the rest of me remains in the coffee machine. At this point, you guys call me SPENT coffee grounds. 

However, Moldova’s recycling infrastructure has yet to develop, which is why me and my friends end up in landfills by the end of the day. And about 2000 and 3000 kg of us go there together from Chisinau alone. 

Yet this month, something happened. I no longer go to waste in the evenings. Instead, I’m given this cool new hotel room with green walls and a couple of fellow coffee ground roomies! In the picture, you can see this room, also called EcoBox. Once the hotel fills up, the baristas report it in the group chat, and a super cute courier picks us up and takes us to the recycling company Moldrec, which uses us in biogas production. 

While this is just a one-month test, I’ve heard the guys at Tucano Coffee talking about turning this into a full-time initiative. By extending the coffee value chain and reducing the company’s waste, Tucano is one step closer to its goal of giving back to the planet one coffee at a time. 

I’m here for it! How about you? 

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