Cold Brew Tonic

During the summer time, the cities become a real challenge for their citizens. The heat tries our patience, but especially our thirst. The good news is, that this summer, all our coffee shops will become some urban oases, because we’ve prepared for you a new cold beverage: Cold Brew Tonic.

In general, Cold Brew is a coffee made extremely thorough and is brewed with cold water. For instance, it takes us 15 hours to prepare our Cold Brew, but the results are amazing: it is totally different from the iced coffee, which is made using hot water and then chilled.  

To get an ideal taste for our Cold Brew, we have decided to use Ethiopian coffee beans. They match perfectly with this “cold” coffee preparation method. The taste of Ethiopia gets some lively berry notions, fine flavour and in the end, it gets some dark chocolate notes.

We went even further and created Cold Brew Tonic. In every glass we add some natural lemon syrup, which we prepare by ourselves and, which matches perfectly with the refreshing taste of the tonic.

Enjoy your daily piece of energy in a brand new fresh format. Furthermore, until the 21st of June, you can visit every Tucano coffee-shop and ask the barista to give you a free taste of our new Cold Brew Tonic to make sure, that it really is too good to be coffee.

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