Chill Raf

Dear You,

It’s time to break up with stress and get into a new relationship with a more relaxed and happier You. And we have the perfect magic potion to set up easily this love affair with a better version of yourself – Chill Raf.  

Little sips of our new specialty coffee made of grains, vanilla and everything chilla, will be like love notes to your body and soul. At the touch of this drink, you will definitely learn the art of chilling or otherwise said the art of doing nothing without being bored or feeling guilty.

Nevertheless, this is a great opportunity to surprise your taste buds. Together with vanilla, the buckwheat syrup perfectly emphasizes with the milky-coffee notes of the drink, and the poppy seeds add some texture. Therefore, a pleasant cereal flavour is obtained.

As always, we prepare our syrups independently, all-natural flavoured ones.

We also took care of our guests who prefer alternatives to milk and prepared a vegan version, based on coconut or almond milk.

Whenever you feel like your brain has too many tabs open or you just need to do nothing in a pleasant and relaxing way, step by for a cup of Chill Raf.😌

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