Berry Christmas, the most sweet & sour winter event


11 cooks

7 producers of berries,

1 wow event by Nata Albot,

1 Klumea project

many excited guests.

This is the secret recipe of the most delicious event from this December: Berry Christmas. A lot of beautiful people have gathered last Friday to taste tarts, khachapuri, berry mousses and even duck fillet with black currant sauce.

Berry Christmas, as you have already figure it out, it’s a special culinary event created to promote all berries made in Moldova, but also it’s a real talent contest of chefs. But guess what, this contest was won by our talented colleague Irina Urescu – Tucano Coffee chef. Yes, it’s really cool, we’re proud of her. And of course, after we’ve shared a lot of flower power emotions, we asked Irina to tell us all about the contest.

There were many desserts and dishes that I have liked a lot. Some of them were looking marvelous, the other ones were delicious. I’ve really enjoyed the cake “English Breakfast” with a mix of berries and a lot of syrup, said Irina.

Of course I wanted to jump straight to the main topic: the dessert that made Irina a winner. The Legendary black currant Mousse.

Oh… Cooking that mousse was a special experience. An interesting thing is that I’ve cooked it for the first time. I really did it. And the most important thing is that this mousse doesn’t contain extra calories. I suppose that it won all the sympathies because of its special form. The glossy glaze was very attractive.

What goodies will you cook for holidays?

On New Year’s Eve the main meals will certainly be the traditional Olivier salad and sarma(s) deliciously made by my mother. And of course, my whole family expects the dessert of the day: the black currant mousse.

On this appetizing note, dear ones, we wish you beautiful, tasty and healthy holidays. See you in 2017!

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