We have taken the commitment to develop the coffee culture and to popularize the philosophy of freshly roasted coffee, from the best regions of the world by working in Tucano Coffee.
The fact that we use only high quality coffee 100% Specialty Arabica involves very much effort.

There are not so many people that are experts in coffee matters, actually there are a few that understand the true value of coffee and appreciate the story behind the single origin coffee beans. We have assumed the duty to contribute on educating our guests, to offer them a memorable experience in the coffee cup and to succeed on contaminating them with our radiant passion for this delicious beverage. We have to make them understand that there is a long way from the coffee tree to the flavored coffee beverage from the cup, Specialty Coffee being a whole culture of growing, harvesting, processing, roasting and brewing coffee.

Given these reasons, the project #BeBarista was created. We want our guests to be closer to us, we want them to know how their favorite drink is prepared and to understand the effort and the huge amount of knowledges our Baristas need to have for brewing a delicious coffee.

Only by the guest’s direct involvement in the process, side by side with our Baristas, together with explanations and interesting stories about the brewing process, the different varieties and coffee origins, we will be able to determine them to know better the coffee culture.
And here, we hope to start building a whole network of people keen on Specialty Coffee.

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