Emilia Felcher

Barista Master

Coffees a day: 5 cups of coffee a day.

Frequent thoughts during work: I should buy more coffee stuff for my home, maybe La Marzocco? I need to have more patience with people who prefer dark roast.

Favourite task: To get inspiration from God.

Performance: Choosing new coffee origins, creating something new, tasting coffee, tasting again.
Interests: Always tasting new coffee, hiking, traveling.
Best at:
work related: Creating new beverages.

my free time:
Listening to music, learning new languages, looking for new destinations.

Favorite thing at Tucano: People - our guests are amazing persons, they truly become our friends, and of course our barista who are inspiring me every day.


We want our guests to be closer to us, we want them to know how their favorite drink is prepared and to understand the effort and the huge amount of knowledges our Baristas need to have for brewing a delicious coffee.

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What is Pour Over Coffee?

Pour over is one of the quickest and simplest alternative brewing methods when the main requirement for making a brew is hot water. The big advantage of pour over is in keeping the natural flavor of coffee bean.

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