Are you a responsible consumer? Do you really love your planet?

What does responsible consumption mean? Can we be more responsible and make more consumption choices that are good for our planet, as well as for our society?

Surely we can. Everyone and each of us from Tucano Coffee engage in responsible consumption, as we can act at different levels, on economic, social or ecological issues. We cannot give an example or a global approach of responsible consumption, but we can advise certain strategies that we try to implement day by day:


– Responsible food. A responsible consumer tries to avoid as much as possible food waste. You have to choose less polluting foods, which favors products that are good for the planet.

– Consumption of healthier products. We can always choose to buy products without pesticides or any other chemical inputs. There are so many brands that produce goods in accordance with hygiene standards, as well as with healthy nutritional composition.

– Make it locally. For a positive economic impact, buy local products and encourage the economic autonomy of your producers. This way, you will also promote the creation of more jobs, as well as economic and social integration for workers from your country.


But, what is more important – your daily purchases. Keep in mind that this daily routine has an impact on the environment or the economy and act accordingly.


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