…And the Earth goes like: “plant some trees, guys”

(You’ll find below a few questions. I encourage you to answer them 😉 )

Have you ever heard of our #Tucanofriends loyalty program (find more here)? No surprise If you haven’t, because we didn’t talk much about it lately. At least for us, it is already boring. That is why we’ve decided to give it a second chance. We want to rethink it, so that it can amaze us and inspire to promote it and mention it every time.

Before we tell you what our new idea is about, I will make a back step to make an introduction of our values. They are like a compass to our daily adventures and serve us as filtering criteria for everything we choose to do or not to. We have 4 core values: wow, open, green and simple. In a nutshell: we tend to be creative, unusual, open and communicative, eco-friendly, promote a healthy lifestyle, simple in solutions we offer and respectful with our guests, partners and our team members.

The change we want to bring in is, hopefully, wow on the one hand, and green on the another: we plan to plant a tree after each X ordered drinks. Besides this, registering into the program you get also a free drink after those X ordered drinks. But that’s not all, the surprises will keep coming. We understand that the trees are the main element here. And I hope i don’t need to tell you why is it important to plant trees.

How will it happen?

The trees will be planted in spring and autumn. During the year, every Tucano Coffee shop will accumulate a certain number of tree seedlings, depending on the accumulated number of drinks ordered by loyal guests (all those who’ll enter the program). Each guest will have his own “counter”. In spring/autumn there will be organized several events of afforestation the areas, in partnership with specialized institutions. A drink = any prepared drink (coffee, tea, juice, milkshakes etc.).

We did some math and concluded that we can afford planting a tree after every 10-15 ordered drinks. For some guests, it means a tree planted once a month, for others, it means a planted tree after every 3 months.

And finally we reached the purpose of this blogpost. Please, tell us your unreserved opinions regarding this project. We want to understand if you resonate with this direction in particular and if you resonate with our general direction and solutions. To get a clear feedback I welcome you to answer the questions below:  

– Did you find this idea wow?

– Would you be motivated enough to participate in this action, if you see concrete results in the form of little forest, alley, planted by us?

– Do you think 10-15 drinks is a reasonable number of drinks to be considered cool for planting a new tree?

– Would you join the afforestation events?

– Please, feel free to give us advice and share your ideas with us.

author: Andrei Haret, Marketing Director

  1. Ideea in general e foarte buna.
    Sa particip, desigur, numai ca cit de motivat voi fi sa intru la Tucano pentru ami asigura 10-15 bauturi pe luna, nu stiu, pina acum nu intram prea des.
    Numarul de bauturi chiar cred ca e ok.
    Cum am spus ma alaturi oricarei idei bune, dar bravo pentru initiativa
    Sfat, faza co contor personal, de exemplu eu cum intru, sa presupunem 1 data in 3 luni la Tucano, imi va lua 1 an si mai mult ca sa se planteze un copac, mai bine de 50 de bauturi vindute, un copac sadit, dar fara contor.

    Sper ca am fost inteles,

  2. Perfect!
    Sunt clienta fidela a retelei Tucano Coffee si ma bucur nespus de mult ca acum bautura servita nu imi va aduce satisfactie doar mie, ci va si salva natura. Abia astept sa fac parte din acest proiect. Idei geniale care vor fi sustinute de clientii Tucano.
    Ar fi dragut ca la fiecare a 10-15 bautura, care ulterior inseamna un copac plantat, clientul sa primeasca un cadou simbolic(bratara sau sticker) <3
    Multa bafta. (Deja aveti un potential copac sadit)
    Cu drag,
    Fata cu carti si breton.

  3. Ideea este foarte buna si extrem de salutabila! Va voi sustine in limita posibilitatilor mele! Insa, la fel ca si Valeriu, va rog sa luati in considerare acei clienti (ca mine) care intra la voi foarte rar si nu isi pot permite sa bea multa cafea (desi delicioasa) marca Tucano. Sustin ideea lui de a socoti cantitatea totala de bauturi consumate de diversi clienti, fara contor. Si puteti creea o bara mobila care arata cam cate cafele sunt necesare pentru a planta un copacel (vazusem asa bara la un program de convertire in PDF online). Asa cred ca ar fi mai motivant pentru toti, chiar si acei care intra rar. Daca eu, spre exemplu, voi vedea ca mai este nevoie de 2 cafele pentru a planta un copac, as fi mult mai motivata sa intru la voi, decat in situatia in care trebuie sa consum numai eu 15 cafele pentru un copac. Sper ca parerea mea va fi de folos. Succese mari!

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