About the #LovePeaceCare Campaign

t’s early spring, and that means the entire Tucano Coffee crew is launching an internal project with care for the environment and humanity.

This is the #lovepeacecare campaign, which will last 6 months and urges every Tucano team to get involved in a social project, such as in:

– blood donation

– helping orphans

– helping animal shelters

– helping vulnerable families

– participation in ecological campaigns, etc.

You can choose any other direction, the main one being interesting, interactive and contributing to the improvement of a certain direction. Write your idea in the Tucano Coffee World Team group on Facebook, use the hashtag #lovepeacecare and send it to i.gamar@tucanocoffee.com

All projects will be exposed to voting, and those who vote will be registered as participants. The first three winners will receive financial support from Tucano Global in the amount of 15,000, 10,000 and 5,000 lei.

Here is one of the projects:

“Little Tucanos from Moldova are increasingly involved in the #lovepeacecare campaign. Last week, we witnessed a beautiful and soulful gesture – blood donation from boys and girls, who are true heroes for courage and initiative. Thank you for having a big heart and don’t stop sharing your love.”

We are waiting for your ideas according to the instructions above, we hold fists for each of you and we are sure that this project will be an additional proof that the planet can become a better place due to the mankind.


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