9 years of LOVE. PEACE. COFFEE.

The first Tucano Coffee location was opened on November 3, 2011 in the old part of Chisinau, the chain of coffee shops being expanded along the way to 4 locations.

Tucano Coffee coffee shops have a special imprint due to the unique design, the taste of real Specialty coffee, the unique recipes of cheesecakes and the atmosphere of LOVE.PEACE.COFFEE.
We select the best Arabica coffee beans, roast them in our factory in Moldova and thus ensure that the guest Tucano Coffee will enjoy the coffee with pleasure and will discover new tastes.
Our guests also appreciate us for the delicious cheesecakes we prepare, we take into account their preferences and that is why they will always find their favorite taste in the menu.

Tucano Coffee’s mission is to create and spread the atmosphere of LOVE.PEACE.COFFEE. worldwide. We are glad that Tucano Coffee coffee shops are the place where friends, families and business partners meet.
On the 9th anniversary of its activity, Tucano Coffee is a chain with over 30 coffee shops in Europe, the Russian Federation and the United Arab Emirates, a franchise with a soul. Even in the difficult times of this year’s pandemic, we resisted thanks to our loyal guests and partners.
This year I was with the doctors from the front line, I launched the TucanoFriends application, a project to remunerate the loyalty of the guests but also an initiative to make the world a better place. Thus, at the 15th purchase with the QR code in the application, each user collected one tree and this year we will plant over 460 trees.
We continue to surprise Tucano Coffee guests with new products and drinks, we give them smiles and warmth.

We are always waiting for you!

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