6 ecological gifts ideas for International Women’s Day

March is the month of love in a new color! Meet the spring with useful gifts for the ecology of our planet. We have selected for you a list of ecological themed gifts.

  1. Show the world your love!

Give your loved one the opportunity to contribute to improving the environment. You can get a certificate for planting a tree or a seed packet for planting, with the help of the organizations in the field, which carry out their activities in:

Europe https://onetreeplanted.org/pages/individuals  or https://www.treevotion.com/pages/shipping-delivery 

Moldova http://milliontrees.md/en/company/  or https://verde.md/en /

CSI https://posadiles.ru 

  1. If you want something simpler, you can buy an indoor plant, expressing your love and concern for the environment in which the loved one lives. Indoor living plants improve air quality, as well as mood and become a healthy hobby 🙂
  2. A bean created in the name of love! At Tucano Coffee you can find Fikiri beans, naturally processed from El Molino. Translated from Ethiopian, Fikiri means love that goes deep into the culture of coffee and the values ​​of the people.
  3. If she/he loves fresh juices, then a basket of fresh fruit in the middle of winter is a wonderful idea!
  4. Eco cosmetics is a new trend in the beauty industry, as it has natural smells, light textures and are not harmful to the environment!
  5. Reusable household items. If you don’t know where to find them, run into our coffee shops, we have excellent Eco Bags!

Use our ideas, give love to people, to the planet and don’t forget to love yourself in the first place!


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