Natural syrups – myth or fact?

What are the secret ingredients of our natural syrups? Exactly. Love.Peace.Green, herbal infusions and natural, fresh spices. Everything fresh.

We try to create a unique product every time – an antagonist to those present today, standing on shelves for months.

But we add passion and love to each drop, leafing every tab of our reason to get inspiration and enormous attention to every detail.

How do we get that fresh, unique and soft taste you fell in love with?
Salted caramel is mixed with sea salt to avoid the bitter taste of salt during the process, lavender – combined with vanilla and cardamom, and pumpkin syrup is prepared from the most real pumpkin that can exist.

Our bold and endless experiments bring us to those authentic and special tastes like coffee with beet syrup, pumpkin syrup and even coffee with hemp extract.

We make the most of what mother nature gives us and do it perfectly right.
Otherwise, where would Love.Peace.Green be from? 😉

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