14 gifts ideas for February 14

February is special for a holiday that celebrates love – Valentine’s Day. This day is closer and closer, so each of us is thinking how to impress his soulmate, or if he is not in a relationship how to spend it with friends. We tried to be original, but in the same time to offer useful recommendations of pretty gifts and surprises for your beloved ones. This gifts are common and can be given both him and her.

1. Delight your soulmate with spa certificate

Daily routine turns into tiredness and stress. A good rest will give you not only a physical relaxation, but also a good mood and equanimity. A classical spa certificate includes sauna, massage, peeling and body wrapping.

2. A book is always a good idea

Food for thought is a form of love. This can be a good book, so after reading you will feel good. It’s not a must to be fiction, it can be any kind of literature. As examples you can take “The thorn birds”, Collen McCullough or “Martin Eden”, Jack London or “The arch of triumph”, Erich Maria Remarque.

3. Go together to a concert of your favorite band

Being in a relationship, you already know musical taste of your partner. It will be a pleasant surprise for her to know that you are going to enjoy the concert of a favorite band. Live music, you two, what else do you need for happiness?

4. Spread warmth, choose a personalised thermo mug

Because we are still in winter period, thermo mugs are a must to enjoy your tea or coffee in a cozy, pleasant way. Add feeling to the thermo mug through personalising it with a sweet message, with a special meaning for you.

5. Escape in a city break to a new destination

An option for Valentine’s day is to escape from daily routine in a city break and explore a new city. We recommend to choose a cozy, small city to have enough time to discover it. Another advantage of small cities is quiet and isolation.

6. A gift with personality – a perfume for her or him

Talking about perfumes, there are no rules of criterias to choose one. Intuition, your relationship and feelings related to this person  are key points. A perfume will keep with its smell the best memories about the person that offered the gift and at each hug it will remind you that you are together.

7. Learn to say “I love you” in a new language

A useful gift and a investment in the future can be a a language course. How to choose the language for your partner? Look what kind of music he is listening to, culture of what country is he fond of, or what can be useful for his career. All these things can inspire you to choose a language course for him.

8. Offer a gift certificate

If you don’t know what to choose, but probably you noticed that your lover is loyal to some brands or in the last time he said that he needs something, a gift certificate is the best option. He or she will choose the product that truly needs by himself and will be thankful to you for attention.

9. Prepare a romantic dinner

A homemade dinner it’s a priceless gift.You can prepare it, or even better to prepare it together with your partner and enjoy the culinary delight close to your half.

10. Make handmade stuff

To keep your boyfriend warm in the cold period,  you can knit a sweater or scarf  for him. For your girlfriend you can make an origami or a quilling composition. Add love in each detail and you will conquer her not only for Valentine’s Day, but for the whole life.

11. Give a cactus

Cactus is not only an original flower, but long-lasting friend and radiation protector. On Valentine’s Day you can surprise your love with a pretty and special flower, and yes, cacti also can be cute 🙂

12. A picture or a miniature sculpture

Decoration items and pictures are not only for museums or art galleries. Your house and office can be more special with a miniature version of Van Gogh or Dali pictures. A small picture, made from originals of artworks can be placed on the work desk and your partner will remind about you each day.

13. An electric blancket will warm your partner in your absence

Unfortunately, not always we can be near our lover, but in cold evenings an electric blancket will redeem your absence. This blancket it perfectly combined with coffee and a interesting movie.

14. Underwear…hmm?

For men, underwear options vary depending on imagination and sense of humour. For women, underwear it’s a gun, that needs to be chosen with fantasy, good mood and no limitations.

Valentine’s Day it’s only one day in a year, but love deserves to be celebrated day by day. Gifts and surprises are expected, but care, support and attention are fundamentals that make love to be long-lasting. Love, be loved and share your love with the whole world!

Love. Peace. Coffee.

Author: Victoria Bobeică, intern


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