You’re probably asking yourself ”What’s this?” 🙂
We’re starting a one-month (at least) challenge: using only 10 words in our posts.

No more ”see more” captions on your screens.

It all began with a conversation between me and our “Lieutenant of Words”, Diana Gheiceanu. She has a way with words, aiming straight at the target, in order to engage with you, dear follower.

As long as I remember myself – my brightest ideas always strike me out of the blue. It can happen at any time, in any place: in public transport, while having a lunch break or reading something. 

This time around, I had a brainwave while texting Diana.
I wanted to challenge her. She immediately accepted 🙂

We sat down for a brainstorming session with our Designer, Ana-Maria Eftodi, throwing ideas like lightning bolts, looking for the perfect tagline and visual concepts. We created 12 of them but will be using only 6.
It seemed to me that I found the perfect way to empower the digital world and make a bold move on social media.

Why are we doing this?
Short texts make for a positive reading experience.
It’s a win-win situation: for you – the reader who is busy and is fed up of too much content and for us – those who convey the message.
The companies are in a constant chase for reach and followers but forget about quality and the actual intention of social media presence.

Why 10?
Just think about it: count from 1 to 10; 10 helps in bringing projects to completion, when we say: well done – a 10 points project; Pythagoreans believed that 10 is the holiest of numbers, in mythology – it took 10 years to Odysseus to return to his family from war. And the list can go on!

So, we challenge you to join us!
Be clever with your keyboard, type less and use the #10wordschallenge hashtag every time you post.

Bottom line:
Challenge your team. Be the first one – set the trends.
Let’s cherish the time. Yours and ours.

Global Marketing Manager,
Patricia Baran


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