10 Benefits of Coffee Grounds!

There are definitely a lot of things you can do with your coffee mug that you didn’t know! See the list below and get inspired!

  1. Good for soil

Due to its high content of nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and other mineral substances, coffee grounds are an ideal fertilizer for flowers and plants. Give room flowers a bespoke feast!

  1. Against cats

Cats can’t stand the smell of coffee. With the help of the crumb, they can be kept away from flower pots.

  1. Can replace dish detergent

The coffee mug will wash the dirt off the dishes. Try it!

  1. Say “No” to bad smells!

Coffee tea can be used as a natural room freshener. It absorbs all the nasty smells.

  1. Gives a renewed look to the furniture

Fresh scratches on the table or couch can be wiped off with coffee. Only wooden furniture is considered.


  1. Declare war to the smell of garlic!

It’s just the titans fight. After preparing garlic-containing meals, rub your hands with a dab of wet coffee. Voila!

  1. Plasticine

This advice is of no use, but it will be interesting to the children. Mix the coffee, sea salt, hot water and oil together. See how excited they will be!

  1. Cookies

Coffee is added to many biscuit recipes. For example, in oatmeal and coffee biscuits. It’s a very interesting taste.

  1. Exfoliating body

This is probably the classic recipe, which has a lot of benefits for the skin of the body, leaving it soft and smooth.

  1. … and for the face

Don’t think coffee grounds are too hard for the face. Simply add palm oil or almond oil. Then it will act as a soft abrasive.

Were these recommendations helpful to you? Do you know others? Share them with us!


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